Web Publishing of Scientific Data and Services Training Courses

Training Course 2 will be held in Vancouver (BC), at UBC

on October 22nd -23rd, 2011

This series of training courses are mandated to train service providers in the use of modern semantic approaches to publishing informatics resources on the Web using the semantic web services paradigm. The second Web Publishing of Scientific Data and Services Training Course will held in Vancouver, British Columbia on October 22nd - 23rd, 2011.

Semantic Web Services have rich annotations, utilizing Semantic Web technologies, that make it easier for users to discover and access the services they need. This course trains data and service providers how best to create and publish these Semantic annotations.

The course provides both theory and practical training in the semantic technologies that underpin the development of semantic web services. The training course contains the following subjects:


Learning Objectives

Service providers will learn how to semantically describe the functionality of their services using the OWL language, and how to publish Services compliant with the SADI Semantic Web Service framework. At the conclusion of the course, attendees will learn how to use SHARE and other service workflow orchestration clients to solve biological problems.

At the end of the training, attendees will know how to:

  • Publish their data and algorithms on the Web in a manner that is easy for others to find and access using state of the art toolkits.
  • Ensure their data and tools integrate well with other resources on the Web.
  • Enhance query access and service discoverability for target end-user communities.


Target Audience

This training course is primarily of interest to providers of bioinformatic resources seeking to extend the utility and usability of their data and services. Researchers interested in learning state of the art semantic technologies and their deployment to facilitate web scale interoperability are strongly encouraged to attend. Priority will be given to students and professionals with working knowledge of Perl and/or Java.

Profile of Target Audience:

  • Web Developers and Bioinformatics Researchers seeking to ensure the adoption of their technologies in the field of knowledge discovery.
  • Workflow System Developers coordinating computational and data resources across the web using semantics.
  • Industry pioneers in Workflow, Grid and Semantic technologies.
  • Researchers involved in Web-based Knowledge Discovery in Bioinformatics.