Learning Modules

Dr. Mark Wilkinson, University of British Columbia

Why semantic web services?


Module 1: Semantic Web
Instructor: Natalia Villanueva Rosales and Dr. Alexandre Riazanov

  • Current Web vs. Semantic Web
  • Linked Data: Publish Data, Merge Data, add Knowledge
  • RDF: Syntax, Reasoning and Query Composition
  • Description Logic as a Basis for Axiomatic Knowledge Representation: TBox and ABox, Class and Property Hierarchies, Complex Class Descriptions, Relations Between Classes and Properties
  • Description Logic Reasoning Basics: Consistency, Subsumption, Classification
  • Practical Reasoning with OWL
  • OWL Practical Tools
  • Ontology Design Principles, Good Practices and Design Patterns
  • Ontologies in Use


Module 2: SADI Semantic Web Services
Instructor: Luke McCarthy (supported by Dr. Alexandre Riazanov and Natalia Villanueva Rosales )

  • Introduction to Semantic Web Services
    • Standards for Semantic Web Services
    • Motivation for SADI Services
  • Introduction to SADI Services
    • What is a SADI Service?
    • Why use SADI Services?
  • SADI Service Ontologies
  • SADI Service Generator
  • SADI clients
    • SADI Java API
    • SHARE query client
    • SADI Taverna Plugin