Regular Registration Until October 21st, 2011

Workshop - (On site Registration)

October 22nd - 23rd, 2011



This course requires practical knowledge in Perl and/or Java programming.

Participants will be required to bring their own laptops to the workshop. Required software MUST be installed PRIOR to the course. Note that due to time constraints we will not be able to dedicate effort solving installation issues on site. We strongly encourage you to test the software beforehand and contact us if you have any issue.

Participants are also expected to be familiar with the reading material.


To register for the workshop please send an email to:

indicating your First and Last name, Organization, and knowledge in Perl and/or Java.

To provide an optimal learning experience we ask for additional information listed below as part of your registration. This will help instructors identify the skill level of interested participants and prepare course material appropriately:

  1. A short paragraph outlining your relevant experience and learning
  2. Online resources you are involved in maintaining e.g. UniProt /
    John Smith Lab Website.
  3. Relevant responsibilities and / or publications in a)
    bioinformatics, b) web services c) semantic technologies.
  4. Please rate your experience: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced.
  5. Indicate your current operating system running on your laptop.

Please note there is a limit on the number of participants allowed to
attend the workshop. This course requires practical knowledge in Perl and/or Java programming.