23 participants from UK, USA, The Netherlands, New Brunswick and West of Canada joined us for 2 days of intensive and interactive training on Web Semantics and SADI framework training.

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The NEP-59 CBRASS: Canadian Bioinformatics as Semantic Services project is funded by CANARIE

Upcoming Event:

2nd Web Publishing of Scientific Data and Services Training Course

Date: August 3-4 2011

Location: Vancouver (BC)



" The SADI Framework represents seminal work toward  the realization of the Semantic Web. SADI adheres to core aspects of semantics based computing, such as resource-orientation. The SADI workshop provided students a broad view of the Semantic Web, its principles, standards and how SADI conforms to those standards to provide a sound, intuitive and relevant semantic services framework. Following the succinct and coherent presentation of the underlying concepts, the workshop described the SADI Framework in detail. Following the discussions, students applied the SADI Framework to build and operate exemplar services. Attending this workshop empowered students employ the SADI Framework to build semantic services in other applications.  I strongly recommend architects, developers, and even managers to attend this workshop!"

 Samuel Chance - Inovex Information Systems