Web Publishing of Scientific Data and Services Training Courses



Training Course 1 - Fredericton (NB), May 19-20th, 2011


Training Course 2 - Vancouver (BC), October 22nd-23rd, 2011



This series of training courses is mandated to train service providers in the use of modern semantic approaches to publishing informatics resources on the Web using the semantic web services paradigm.

Semantic Web Services have rich descriptions of functional requirements
that facilitate service interoperability and make it easier for users to discover and access relevant services in real time.

The course provides both theory and practical training in the semantic technologies that underpin the development of semantic web services.


The NEP-59 CBRASS: Canadian Bioinformatics as Semantic Services project is funded by CANARIE



SADI – Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration <http://sadiframework.org> – is a set of standards-compliant Semantic Web Service design patterns that combines simple, stateless, GET/POST-based Web Services with standards from the W3C Semantic Web initiative.