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SADI workshop: feedback on the training course now available

Wondering who attended our first training course, and what they thought? See our testimonial page. And don’t forget to register for the second training course, to be held in Vancouver on August 3-4 2011!

News from CSHALS

Following Chris Baker’s talk at CSHALS, some buzz on the web about SADI :)

Web Publishing of Scientific Data and Services Training Courses

Don’t miss on our first training course to be held in Fredericton, New Brunswick, on May 19-20th 2011! You will learn what SADI can do for you, and how you can use it to publish your own data. Our team will walk you through the theory underpinning the system, and will show you how to create and deploy your own SADI Semantic Web Services.

SWAT4LS 2010 keynote: A renaissance for the point mutation: from legacy data to semantic web service

The slides from the SWAT4LS 2010 keynote from Dr Christopher Baker are now available online as part of the Nature Precedings for the event.

Paper: SADI, SHARE, and the in silico scientific method

The SADI, SHARE, and the in silico scientific method paper by Mark D Wilkinson, Luke McCarthy, Benjamin Vandervalk, David Withers, Edward Kawas and Soroush Samadian is available online at

Best Demonstration of Semantic Technologies award

Congratulations to Luke who won the Best Demonstration of Semantic Technologies award at the SWAT4LS workshop in Berlin for his demo of the SPARQL assist Language-neutral query composer! Update 2010-01-06: Slides are now available online.

Leveraging of Semantic Web Services for Practical Application: Creating Transferable Methodology with SADI Case Studies

A presentation of several use cases for the SADI framework and the SHARE client by Alexandre Riazanov at AWOSS2010

HOWTO: SADI Taverna plugin snapshots

The latest release of the SADI Taverna plugin is available in Taverna by default, but you can also install pre-release snapshots of the plugin by adding a custom update site.  Here’s how:

  1. From the Advanced menu, choose Updates and plugins.
  2. If you have installed the release version of the SADI plugin, uninstall it by selecting it from the list and clicking the Uninstall button.
  3. Click the Find New Plugins button.
  4. Click the Add update site button.
  5. Type in the Site Name field, type in the Site URL field, and click the OK button.
  6. In the new box, click the check box next to SADI activity plugin $VERSION-SNAPSHOT, and click the Install button.
  7. Restart Taverna.

Taverna will now notify you of updates to the SNAPSHOT version of the plugin.  If you ever want to switch back to the release version, you will have to uninstall the SNAPSHOT version.

Manuscript on the SADI Plugin to Taverna

SADI Taverna manuscript  A manuscript about the SADI-Taverna plug-in has been accepted to the Workflow Construction track at ISoLA.  A link to the final pre-proof copy is below.

SADI Protege Plugin

Generate and test your SADI services from within Protege with the SADI plugin.

Overview of features available here!

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