Building services

The best way to get involved with SADI is to jump right in and start adding services in Java or in Perl.


See BuildingServicesInJava.


See BuildingServicesInPerl.

Protege GUI:

To make it even easier, there is a SADI Plug-in to the popular Protege ontology editor - simply drag-n-drop ontology nodes into the SADI interface and it will write the scaffold of your service for you.  It will even allow you to test it once you’ve deployed it!  The plug-in creates services in either Perl (with SADISeS installed - see above), or in Java.  To install the Protege plugin, just open the “Plug-ins” menu on the Protege main screen and select “SADI” from the list.


For help with developing your SADI services, ask in the SADI developers Google group.  SADI source code is available from the SADI project page on Google Code.